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Beacon sets the highest standards for finished build quality. We build & manage cost effective, durable structures.

With years of industry experience, we have built, coordinated & erected hundreds of buildings. Our work is in the government and private sector.

We source and construct buildings or structures, specific to your requirements.

Contact us for site assessments & consultative meetings for your construction or building work.

See our projects page to view completed work.

Telephone: 757 383 6680


Email: info@beaconva.com



Design, Source

& Build


Beacon will team with design professionals to provide design-build services.

We will work directly for the owner and participate in design development, budgeting, scheduling, contract document preparation, and scope development.




Beacon excels in preconstruction services and asks to be involved at project conception whenever feasible.


During preconstruction, we are able to work with the project team to help determine the project approach, budget, and schedule.




Beacon will serve you as project construction manager.

Projects include the Award winning Gov Solutions Building, VA (Private Sector)

The James River Country Club

Govornment Service Facility - Virginia Dam Neck  military structures &

Quantico Base Buildings




113 Holly Crescent Ste 202
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Telephone: 757 383 6680

Email: info@beaconva.com