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    Our People    

We employ local tradesmen, engineers, welders, craftsmen, specialists and carpenters.

We have great people behind the scenes making sure all the documentation, recording, and communication on every job runs smoothly...

Darlene Jones


Our Office Manager - Darlene is the keeper of all the background information on our construction projects - Her knowledge keeps our customers informed and up to date.

Darlene is stands behind the work of our team. She works behind the scenes to ensure each job runs accurately and  information is clear.

Our Crews

Our tradesmen work throughout the Virginia Beach area and surrounds on a variety of job scales - buildings the team are on range in size from 5000 sq ft  to 125,000 sq ft. Beacon employs exceptional people with a 'get it done right' attitude. Our team are capable, qualified, multi skilled and hard working. 

All of our installers and tradesmen have been instructed in proper usage of equipment and are certified in areas of fall protection, rigging and typical jobsite OSHA safety standards. [We will provide OSHA and EM 385 steel erection plans.] Our crew averages 12+ years experience in building work.

Work for Beacon - click here to give us your contact information and enquire about our current employment opportunities and types of work available. We are looking for skilled people in all areas of construction.


113 Holly Crescent Ste 202
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Telephone: 757 383 6680


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